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About Us

Her is 100% female run company that acts as the liaison between creators and professional verified agencies. We are girls looking out for girls … and are here to ensure that your journey in the industry, no matter where you’re at in your career, is full of legitimate and successful partnerships.

we do.

At HER, we’re on your team. Stop wondering if that one DM is your only offer. We match you with the right agency that fits your goals and checks all your boxes, at no charge to you.

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we offer.

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Additional Benefits.

HER Concierge Program

Discounted rates for car dealers, adult-approved airbnbs, plastic surgeons, mental health coaches, industry familiar CPA’s and attorneys.

Access to verified promo rates

Legitimate sources across multiple platforms like Tiktok, Instagram, Twitter, etc. We’ve spent over $10,000,000 on promo across this network of verified pages.

Access to our roster of models for SFS and collabs

Exclusive to HER creators

Membership to an exclusive luxury matchmaking company for high net worth individuals

Across the US

HER Referral Program

Build your own recruitment business with HER and create a second stream of passive income.

Content Events

HER has our own exclusive content events for our creators, independent of agencies. Come and collaborate with other HER creators to make more money and meet new friends, at no cost to you!


HER is a first of its kind, female led, community within the industry. In an effort to polish a dirty industry, we only accept the best.

This Means...

We do not poach models from agency to agency.

We do not work with agencies in the space that have a reputation for sexual misconduct, disrespect, or deceptive behavior.

We do not work with creators that have a reputation for frivolous legal action or non-payment.

The industry is small when it comes to reputation, and we choose to only work with creators and agencies that have been pre-vetted, interviewed, and had proper due diligence done. If we hear that an agency or creator is not following the above values, they are removed from our database.

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